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Stucco Inspection & Remediation

When properly installed, stucco (a cement- or lime-based plaster) is about as carefree and long-lived a cladding as anyone could wish—100 years is not uncommon. But when big cracks or blisters appear, the time to make repairs is right away, before the damage grows. At Hawthorne Construction & Painting, serving the Iowa City/Ceda Rapids, Iowa area, we do stucco inspection and remediation (stucco repair) which includes:

  • Full water intrusion inspection and moisture tests
  • Inspect/replace wood
  • Re-flash windows with sill pan
  • Install drainage system
  • Stucco application

Stucco is one of the most durable wall surfaces available, but because of its rigid nature, stucco can develop cracks and holes over time due to settling and impact damage. Once a crack or hole develops it is important to seal it from water to prevent further deterioration.

Award Winning Stucco Repair & Painting

In 2015 Hawthorne Construction & Painting was honored to receive an award from the Iowa City Historic Preservation Committee.

Examples of our Stucco Repair work

We won awards for the stucco finish on this house.

Our work in progress.







Working on a stucco foundation.

Protecting the rest of the house is a key component when repairing the stucco foundation.

Exterior stucco refinishing and painting makes a home look great. (After)

After the 2008 Cedar Rapids flood we did remediation for homes and commercial buildings, including Guppies on the Go.

Hawthorne Construction & Painting refinished the stucco on this house in 2015.

This stucco has a hand-trowelled texture.

Here is a closer view of the hand-trowelled stucco.