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Commercial caulking contractor, sealing, waterproofing

We exclusivley use Sonneborn products – a world leader in the manufacture and supply of high-purity specialty hydrocarbons for use in both the consumer and industrial marketplaces.

Adding the caulking helps with expanding and contracting of building do to change in weather and it helps to waterproof as well. Waterproofing protects contents as well as protecting structural integrity

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  • Ever notice weeds growing in the crevices between poured sidewalks?
  • Have water coming up through the foundation of your house?

These types of problems can be prevented with caulking and waterproofing.

At Hawthorne Construction & Painting we do commercial sealing, waterproofing and caulking in and around eastern Iowa, including Cedar Rapids.


Flatwork includes all concrete work located along a horizontal plane. This includes indoors projects like floors or concrete stairs, as well as outdoor elements like patios, sidewalks, and driveways. Concrete flatwork does not refer to vertical structures like walls or bridges.

Flatwork – such as caulking joints in sidewalks – helps stop weed growth. It can also keep water from coming into the foundation. Concrete flatwork may also include repair or maintenance work to fix existing concrete surfaces. Over time, concrete walkways or floors can develop chips or cracks, which are not only unsightly, but also a threat to the integrity of the structure. For minor cracks, contractors inject the crack or void with special concrete caulk, or fill it with a simple patching compound. Major repairs may require that the concrete is broken out and replaced with new, reinforced flatwork. Damaged surfaces may also be coated with a thin top layer of concrete to refinish the surface.

Despite its name, concrete flatwork does not have to feature a boring, flat finish. Many modern applications are highly textured, with special patterns and colors used to give the concrete a pleasing look. For example, stamps or molds can be used to give concrete patios the look of traditional brick or stone. Even specialty trowel work can add swirls or other designs to a paved structure.

Joint sealant and joint repair is an important part of any commercial building, facility or installation. They are designed to join two different materials or surfaces, and control wind, water, moisture and debris entry or accumulation.

At Hawthorne Construction, we have years of experience in joint sealants/caulking and joint systems, and we know exactly which method and material to apply. In some cases, you need a flexible joint with some give, while at other times something more firm and solid is required to resist damage. We will assess your commercial sealant installation and propose the best solution every time.

As a trusted name in joint sealants/caulking and joint systems based in Central City, Iowa and serving all of eastern Iowa, Hawthorne Construction will take care of the three major areas of joining:

Commercial Joint Sealants

Not all contractors are equipped to repair commercial joint sealants and joint systems. Commercial buildings, facilities, and surfaces require special care and attention with respect to durability and installation.

Hawthorne Construction has the commercial caulking expertise to tackle even the most complicated and difficult jobs, and can propose solutions for every set of caulking requirements. We propose long-term, high-quality solutions and provide comprehensive estimates to give you the information you need to make an informed choice.

Industrial Caulking Repair

Industrial caulking repair presents its own challenges. Many industrial facilities and installations must adhere to specific requirements and rules concerning joint sealants and caulking, and need to be treated with extra care and safety to ensure compliance with regulations. We always stand behind our work, and strive to make our customers happy.

Commercial Expansion Joint Repair

Expansion joints allow expansion and contraction between two different surfaces or materials. This obviously puts a large degree of stress on the joint, especially in large, heavy-duty commercial applications.

Your commercial property deserves personalized care and expert attention. Don’t let broken, cracked or missing joint sealants and joint system problems persist. Small issues become big ones. That’s when a quick repair turns into a major one. Give us a call or contact us online today and we’ll work closely with you to get you the joint sealant, caulking and joint system you need to maintain your facilities and prolong the life of your buildings and installations.

When you trust your commercial repairs and installations to Hawthorne Construction, you get a company that stands behind every job even after the work is done.

If you don’t want your sidewalk to look like this you need to have Hawthorne Construction do caulking for you!

Caulking – flat work – where the sidewalk meets the foundation.

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